couple massage spa

60 min $115 / 90 min $140
Abhyanga is a full body head to toe massage using warm herbal oil massaged into the skin with long lymphatic drainage strokes and intuitive movements dialogs the toxins and brings deep relaxation for body and mind. (4 Hands available upon request)
60 min $125 / 90 min $145
Warm herbal poultice comprised of chamomile, lavender, mari gold flowers, a slowly synchronized massage is performed working sore and stiff area, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
60 min $135
Starts with head, back and neck massage followed by warm herbal oil gently poured on the 3rd eye and crown chakras to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
60 min $120
This exfoliating herbal massage helps in the reduction of cellulite and treat obesity related disorders, leaving the skin beautiful.
50 min $85
Traditional divine treatment for head, neck & back helps to relieve stress and mental fatigue. Leaving you calm, tranquil and relaxed.
30 min $60 / 50 min $90
Ayurvedic hand and foot massage begins with pressure points,has a very relaxing and balancing effect on the entire body which eases the tired feet syndrome.
50 min $90
Katibasti treatment helps to relieving lower back pain, begins with warm medicated oil contained with in an herbal paste followed by herbal compress massage.
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