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The Benefits of Shirodhara Massage Therapy

shirodhara massage

Shirodhara is an ancient head massage therapy in Ayurveda which contains numerous health benefits. Alternatively known as Third Eye Treatment, it was originated in India. This holistic therapy is performed on a person by pouring a liquid mixture in his head straight from a metallic plot.

A combination of liquids is used in the process, including essential oils, medicated milk, plain water, coconut water, buttermilk, etc., which according to Ayurveda has got various healing properties. Shirodhara features in all the naturopathy centers across the world. We are a Spa and wellness center in Turk & Caicos Islands who also accommodate this massage therapy in our Ayurvedic treatments. With our trained massage experts, you can expect to get a wonderful Shirodhara to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Shirodhara massage

1. Numerous health benefits have been reported by people who have undergone Shirodhara massage. It provides the necessary nourishment and relaxation to your body. The liquid combinations used in this treatment leave a very calming effect in the minds of a person by releasing harmful toxins from the body. It makes you stable from within and thus removes negative feelings form your mind. Overall, it leaves a positive effect in the mind of a person. When the body is calm, the stress level will automatically be minimized and it will lead to better concentration.

2. It adds to your overall energy. When the oil is poured from the head, it spreads to other parts of the body and it makes a person more energetic. It is also recommended for people who are physically weak and recuperating from a long-term illness. It helps in the process of healing. The oils contain certain nutrients which are useful for the brain and thus help to heal the body from inside. It helps a person to get rid of post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. It is especially preferred for the treatment of insomnia a condition characterized by a lack of sleep which seriously affects a person’s health. Insomnia is a chronic condition which can be caused by stress and the side effects of medicines. Two oils namely Mahamash and Mahanarayan used with other liquids to treat this. They contain medicinal values and create a calming effect on the whole nervous system of a person. This ultimately helps to cure insomnia.

4. Hair loss is another condition which can be addressed with this Shirodhara treatment. The pouring of the oil on the scalp helps to retain the moisture and provides nourishment to the hair. It strengthens the hair follicles and the scalp tissues and thus stimulates the growth of new hair. It treats dry hair, dandruff, and alopecia, special hair loss condition.

Shirodhara treats every health condition including a headache, hypertension, anxiety, and unknown fear and more importantly it helps you to deal with depression. It helps to improve your memory and leaves a soothing effect in your mind. Shirodhara is also recommended for people without illness as it helps to maintain a good health condition.

Shirodhara Massage in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Shirodhara should be done at frequent intervals if you expect to get maximum benefits out of it. We are one of the leading Turks and Caicos Spa centers who offer this spiritually enhancing treatment. It is one of our primary treatments which last up to 60 minutes under an affordable price rate. So book an appointment with us to enjoy this therapy.